A little of you history

The chopped paper has been part of all Mexicans from childhood with school events to adulthood, helping to decorate family or work events. Everyone knows that papel picado is a Mexican art that has crossed borders, being recognized in different countries such as Argentina, Spain, the United States and even India or China, but do you know the history of this art in detail?

During the 19th century, Chinese paper was used to wrap different products that were purchased. It was in Huixcolotla, a municipality in the state of Puebla, where the workers began with this art, using Chinese paper and chisels as their main material to make precise cuts.

Currently, the art of cutting paper is recognized as Cultural Heritage of the State of Puebla. There are many generations that passed from its beginnings to our days, those in charge of giving us one of the decorations with the greatest value and meaning in our Mexican traditions.

The art of patience

Although at present, the designs that are made on paper are very varied, the technique remains the same since its origins. This art is taught from generation to generation, becoming an emblem of pride for many families in Huixcolotla.

Like all crafts, each piece requires the greatest attention, commitment and patience. The blows with the hammer and the chisel must be able to pierce each piece of paper, in the same direction to avoid deviations and errors in the desired figure.

Artisans like to innovate and surprise with their pieces, each one is created seeking to be the best representation of people’s feelings.

3 events in which you can occupy the confetti

  • Events of your company

Is there a better way to make your company feel Mexican pride? With the papel picado and other elements of Mexican origin you can create an environment where all your co-workers feel happy to be part of this beautiful country. Currently, there are many companies that request confetti with their business logo, names of their employees or even phrases that represent their values ​​as an organization.

  • Wedding

The chopped paper represents all of Mexico, so if you are looking to have a wedding with details of your state such as food, clothing or music, the chopped paper cannot be missing. The folklore of Oaxaca, Veracruz, Jalisco, Hidalgo, Chiapas, Puebla and all the others, combine perfectly with the striking colors and figures characteristic of papel picado.

  • National holidays

It is a distinctive element that the national holidays of Mexico must have the decoration of papel picado. Mexican culture is recognized for having an attractive aura, too warm, passionate and detailed. We usually take care of even the smallest detail to give thanks to all our ancestors. Mexican pride is felt and shown.

A custom paper

We only mention three events where you can use the papel picado as decoration but, with the possibility of customizing the designs, you can integrate this decoration in all the events you want, from baby showers, birthdays, welcomes or farewells when traveling to another country. Personalization is another step in this art, where artisans provide the image you want at the time you need it. muertos_3027435.htm#query=papel%20picado&position=11&from_view=search

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