Mexico is a country full of incomparable culture and traditions; its people, its landscapes, its flavors and colors make it a magical and unique place for everyone. Among its traditions, is the popular Day of the Dead, a festivity made up of endless elements, including chopped paper, which, apart from being an element to decorate and form part of the altars, is used to decorate walls. and roofs of the houses of Mexican families.

They exist in different shapes, sizes, and images, but the most characteristic are their vibrant colors that enhance the joy of the celebration. Have you ever wondered what these colors mean? Each element that makes up the papel picado has a meaning, as we well know that in Mexican culture, nothing is by chance. So today we will share with you what each color of the chopped paper represents:

  • Purple

Similar to other festivities such as Easter, it represents the Catholic religion and its church. The spiritual representation of all those who are not with us.

  • Orange

It can be considered the most characteristic color of the holiday. It is said that it is the only one that the dead can see, similar to cempasúchil flowers and derived from Nahuatl beliefs, this is for them, the sign of their altar.

  • White

As usual, it represents purity, but it also means faith and hope for those who left, hoping one day to see again.

  • Black

It represents death, the underworld or mourning, reminding us that despite the colors and joy, the celebration is made for those who left this world and we remember at all times.

  • Yellow and green

It represents those who left the world as older adults, while green represents all those who died young.

  • Mexican Rose

It is the representation of Mexico, being this vibrant and cheerful color like the country itself, a striking color like all Mexican essence.

Although there are many colors, the most distinctive that we find are those mentioned previously.

At Artemex, the work we do fills us with pride because it represents part of that magic and in each job we seek to represent a little of everything that is Mexico.

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